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Illinois Cash Assistance Programs

friendshelpingfriends started this conversation

People who need cash assistance may qualify for one of several programs.  Here you will find short descriptions of programs that are available. 

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  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program helps pregnant women and families with one or more dependent children with temporary cash and other benefits. TANF can help pay for food, shelter, utilities, and expenses other than medical.
  • Aid to the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (AABD)  helps those who qualify and need cash assistance.
  • Earnfare helps adults who do not have custody of their children and who receive Food Stamps.  They must first work off the value of their food stamps (at minimum wage) and then they can work more hours and earn up to $294 per month.
  • General Assistance (GA) program provides people with money and limited medical care when they do not qualify for other cash programs administered by the Department of Human Services (DHS).
  • Transitional Assistance (TA) - for those who do not qualify for AABD or Refugee and Repatriate Assistance (RRA). Specific rules apply and qualifications apply.
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) puts cash back in your pocket and will locate help to file your Income Taxes.
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Im Jon. I live in Illinois. Ive been very sick for months now, doctors are still trying to figure out whats going on. When I was 8 yrs old I had my right kidney out. So who knows whats going on now i have many other health problems im only 33, I do have the medical card, and a link card but my im trying to to figure out how to get other things such as; laundry soap, paper towels, tolliet paper, cleaning supplies, the list goes on and on not to mention gas, when I am well enough to work. I live alone, I spent my last bit of money to stay in a crummy appartment for the next 6 months. ive had to sell slmost all my personal posesions to pawn shops to make ends meet. There is only one family member that is helping out as much as she can with my gas bill/water/electricity. Shedoesnt really have the means to help me anymore. Im trying to figure out how to get some cash assistance. Please can anyone help? This arrangment would be very temporary. Ccan any help me figure this mess out please..... :/
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I am in desperate need,I lost my job a year ago because my daughter became sick..since then I totaled my car and have not been able to keep employment. Ive tried 2 times to go back to work , and the first one I had to be at work at 6am and my daughter who was with my son was getting left at home because her ride was not coming to get her and my son could walk to school but hers was to I started another job and didn't have enough gas to keep going back.I have no one my mother died in 2010 and I have no family. My dad lives 2000 miles away and I'm driving his very old truck if its running.The aid office will not help and I'm just at my witts end.I'm on depression medicine and can't even get to the Dr.there is no help ..I don't even have gas money
.Does anyone know of any agency's that can help get me back on my feet?
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I'm in need of help I receive government assistance i have three children and my husband was murdered its very hard for us to make our bills I would love to work also so if your hiring and don't mind having some one with a felony from 14 years ago please keep me in mind I can adapt to any environment any job you put me up against I can tackle but we really Ned help ASAP.
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I live in amboy il.. my family is in great need of money for bills, if we do not find someway to get our bills paid we will be homeless, and my brother wil
l go into foster care. Any body that can please help let me know.
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hello if anyone is there i just moved out here mother of one im in need of help from all ways. i moved here for my mother so i dont know no one but her and she is not able to move around.. so i know off nothing here i moved in my own apt 500 a month thinking i woulld get help from welfare something well nothinfg so i apply and still waiting to hear somthing,, if ther is any help here please feel free to in box me please and thank you for your time...
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angie40 a single female living alone..i cant pay my rent..going to b job or elec will b off too.any one know how to help me?i live in ill.
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I got layed off end of last year and im currently disabled but im having surgery hopefully soon by the VA Hospital in Madison, Wi. (Im a veteran) im so thankful and blessed that i have veteran health care. Im really down on my luck right now, but i try to remain optimistic. I now get food assistance (link) of $200 mo for food. I cant afford to even file bankruptcy. I moved in with my 80 year old mother and for years i have helped her financially when i could and would do her yard work, house cleaning etc. I still do but my osteoarthritis is very debiltating, but i help her all i can. She gets only social security and is struggling pretty bad too. If you know if anyone who wants an honest hard working veteran, im willing to work any days, hours, shifts etc. I have a BS degree and owned my own business for over 12 years losing it to the recession. Im willing to do any kind of work, although until i have my hip replacement surgery, i do have trouble walking and the pain is severe. If anyone out there can direct me or help me in anyway i would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at: Please note Micheak is eal vs ael. Thank you!
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Me and my family is five days from being evicted from our place of residence. We have exhausted all our savings and unemployment benefits.We have tried every agency here in Illinois to no avail, no one has any money to help us. Since my wife's stroke we have been behind the eight ball financially. Is there any help out there that any one may know of? Our rent being $750.00 a month is crushing us. Please advise.
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 in response to no1 mommy...   i can help email is
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 in response to no1 mommy...   Sweetheart... Apply for public aid and you will receive cash and food stamp every month... You can stay on there until you find work... God bless you and your family.
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no1 mommy
I need help to take care of my son, I'm pregnat and i'm haveing complacations witch is not letting work right now. I have a large blood clot on my plasenta and could cause me to mis-carrie and I lose alot of blood, witch I could also bleed to death. I have an 19 month old son as well, And I love him very much, I just wish I could do for him like I'm used to doing. If someone out there could help me in my time of need I would be forever greatful. Thank you
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